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Now days , majority of people, specially college students, the elderly and busy parents always have limited time to prepare a decent and healthy meals. Some of them even skipping meals at times especially when they are busy time.

However, there is a way to solve this problem.If they use the best electric pressure cookers that we are going to suggest.These kinds of kitchenware are fast, easy to use, and can be used to prepare healthy homemade meals at your own convenience. Investing in one would be a real time saver believe me.

Searching for the best electric pressure cooker to cut your kitchen time is not as easy as you may think. There are numerous options that make choosing one really hard. Luckily,after doing some research we are going to provide you the review of 10 of the best electric pressure cookers.

Top 10 Best Electric Pressure Cookers For 2019

These reviews would then provide you with options from which you can start your search.

1. Instant Pot DUO60 – Best For Smaller Families

For those who have a family of between 4,6 or 8 people and are looking for a multi-purpose pressure cooker. It is a 7 in 1 product, allowing you to use it as a pressure cooker, rice cooker, slow cooker, yogurt warmer and maker etc.

If we about features, this product has many so as to accomplish your cooking needs. All these are controlled from a large and easy to use control panel. The control panel has 14 smart programs built into it. These include automatic warm, slow cook and sauté temperature settings.

This electric pressure cooker is capable of producing consistent results because thirt use generation technology, . There is an inbuilt microprocessor that monitors temperature and pressure, keeps time, and adjusts heat intensity.

With this cooker, you can select between high and low pressures for cooking. For fast cooking, you can select the high pressure. On the other hand, for delicate dishes, the low pressure comes in handy. The cooking temperatures can be adjusted too depending on the type of cooking you want to apply.

Let’s talk about Safety, this product is designed to eliminate any errors that may bring you harm. For example, a pressure regulator ensures that only safe pressures are used for cooking.lid detection sensor, Safety lid, anti-blockage vent,leaky lid detection etc.


1.One touch controls are easy to use
3.Durable stainless steel construction
4.Adjustable pressure and temperature settings
5.Over 10 safety features
6.Easy to clean
7.Inbuilt microprocessor
8.Energy efficient


1.Relatively pricey
2.Slightly overweight
3.Not very spacious

2. Aroma Housewares ARC- 914S 8 – Perfect for Meal Planning

The Aroma Housewares ARC-914S 8 is a one of the best pressure cooker designed to cook mostly rice and steam other foods. If you love cooking rice like us, then this is a great option for you to make delicious and healthy cooked food in a short period of time. It holds between 2 and 8 cups of rice.

You can cook both brown and white rice, which after cooking is kept warm with the aid of an auto-warm function. A steam tray inside the cooker allows you to cook two meals at a time. Vegetables can steam above the cooking rice below the steam tray.

Easy to use interface enabled the user to programme or digitally controls the function. Some of the awesome functions are keep the food warm, delay timer, white rice, brown rice, steam, and the powering on and off button.

Another great feature is the ability to steam quite a number of foods alongside the rice being cooked. Chili, soups etc.


1.Can be used to store food while travelling
2.Reasonably priced
3.Quite spacious
4.Allows for cooking two meals at a go
5.Durable stainless steel design
6.High quality accessories
7.Non-stick inner pot
8.Simple to use
9.Can be used to store food while travel



1.Limited in terms of functionalities                                                                                                                2.Small sized not suited for large families

3. Instant Pot Duo v2 7-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker – Best Safety Standards


Pressure cookers from Instant Pot are one of the best electric pressure cookers in the market. They are also popular for a lots of features that you might find very useful as well as easy to use. So what are these features, firstly it is a 6 in 1 pressure cooker which allows you to prepare a variety of foods.

The six functionalities that it is capable of performing include being used as a pressure cooker, saute/browning, rice cooker, warmer, steamer, and a slow cooker. All these functions are controlled through an easy to use control panel with 10 smart programs that helps you to make, store and keep your meals warm while you don’t eat it.

In addition, there is an auto-keep warm function with three temperature settings. If you have shortage of time, you can set the cooker to delay the cooking for up to 24 hours. You can also manually set a cooking time of 120 minutes. In other wards, you would be coming back to an already prepared meal isn’t that cool.

By utilizing the consistency of a microprocessor, uniform cooking results can be achieved almost every time. it has a easy one-touch controls that make operating the pressure cooker like a breeze. On the interior, the cooker is made from brushed stainless steel that is fingerprint resistant.


1.Certified safety precautions
2.Pressure and temperature adjustable
3.Stainless steel construction stain proof
4.Dishwasher safe accessories
5.Multi-purpose uses
6.One push buttons
7.Easy to maintain
8.Durable product


1.Not very spacious
3.Slightly heavy

4. Mealthy Multipot 9-in-1 – Best Multi-Functional

The Mealthy MultiPot is one of the best pressure cooker popular for their versatility. With this cooker, you can cook, steam, slow cook, saute, make cakes, make yogurt, and pasteurize. In addition, you can cook rice and then warm meals.

if you are a very busy person and don’t have time or want to save the time you spend in the kitchen, you can use this pressure cooker to prepare two meals at a time. In the package there is a steamer made of stainless steel to make double cooking possible. It’s main cooking pot is made of stainless steel too.

The cooking programs are provided in a 14 built-in program setup. These are used to cook specific meals or perform a specific function. You have a choice of selecting between a program to cook porridge, make the cake, prepare poultry and keep warm among an array of other useful tasks.

All these processes are displayed on an LCD panel. It is filled with intuitive progress indicators and icons which are great for keeping tabs on how your food is cooking. You don’t have to fumble with buttons or guess on when your meal would be ready.


1.9 cooking appliances in one product
2.Easy to program
3.14 programs for cooking
4.2 dishes can be prepared at a time
5.An extra pair of silicone mitts provided
6.Recipes can be accessed via a smartphone
7.Great safety features


1.Can be noisy when in operation
2.Quality control can be an issue at times

5.Cuisinart CPC-PLV600 – Best at Saving Time Spent to Cook

Offering the benefits of six appliances in a single product, this is one of the best pressure cookers you can buy. One of these is the ability to prepare an egg.

This product is like an upgrade on some of the previous designs that we mention above. Alongside the usual pressure cooker, rice cooker, steamer, saute, warmer, and slow cooker programs, there is are few additional programs like making cakes and cooking eggs etc.

A microprocessor ensures cooking integrity, while stainless steel accessories evenly distribute the heat.It features 10 built-in programs for preparing your favorite dishes within a short period of time with less hassle. you can use these feature simply by using particular button that are provided and start preparing your food.

The design that can pressure cook for up to 240 minutes, there is no limit to the meals you can prepare. you can Use the delay timer for up-to 24 hours when you are in no hurry to cook a meal. there are 10 safety feature that prevent any mishaps in case.


1.Increased cooking speeds
2.Additional egg and cake programs
3.Very portable
4.Improved consistency
5.No chemical coatings
6.Clear display panel
7.Brushed finger-print resistant construction
9.Hard-boiled eggs easy to peel


1.Does not work great as a slow cooker
2.Odor from previous cooking hard to remove

6. Kent Hot Pot Multi Function Pressure Cooker – Great for Multipurpose Usage

Offering the 6 pressure cookers in a single product, this is one of the best pressure cookers you can buy. Additional features. One of these is the ability to prepare an egg.

This product is like an upgrade on some of the previous designs. Alongside the usual pressure cooker, rice cooker, steamer, saute, warmer, and slow cooker programs, there is are two additional programs for preparing cakes and cooking eggs.

It has 10 built-in programs for preparing your favorite meals within a short period of time. Access these by simply pressing the particular button and start preparing your meal.


1.Increased cooking speeds
2.Additional egg and cake programs
3.Very portable
4.Improved consistency
5.No chemical coatings
6.Brushed finger-print resistant construction


1.Does not work great as a slow cooker
2.Odor from previous cooking hard to remove
3.Takes time for pressure to reach cooking levels

7.Power Pressure Cookers XL 6 Quart– Best for Locking Nutrients and Flavors

The Power Pressure Cooker is also one of the best electric pressure cookers you must these days. It maintain the flavor that traps the super heated steam in the pot. Once trapped in pressure cookers before, the steam forces moisture and liquids into the food being cooked and make is smell testy.

There is a digital display panel On the side of the cooker. All the functions can be is esay to use on the panel through easy to read and press buttons. The time counter digital display is very useful when you are preparing a meal for timely manner.

The other great feature is the safety lock lid. This lid has automatic steam release system for safety purposes. On the lid there a sturdy handle you can use to either open or close the pressure cooker. A slow cooker and auto keep warm feature are great for those delicate meals that helps the food to be warm for a longer period of time.

Cleaning this cooker is very easy because it made of brushed stainless steel housing. This can be easily clean when need be. Safety release valves, a pressure indicator, cool-touch exterior, auto-locking handles and a locking lid ensure that your food would not pop out.Just kidding.


1.Housing kept cool when cooking
2.Handle heat resistant
3.Accessories dishwasher safe
4. time automated
5.High quality construction
6.Interactive digital screen display
7.One-touch buttons
8.Easy to operate


1.Some users do not like the Teflon coated inner pot
2.Durability is questionable at times

8. Nutri Bullet Cook Smart Electric Pressure Cooker – Most Versatile Pressure Cooker

The  programmable electric cooker has preset cooking programs for a number of meals that you can cook. There are cooking presets for meals such as rice/risotto, porridge, multigrain, veg, non-veg, seafood, poultry etc.

If you want, then there is a manual mode which allows you to choose between three pressure settings.You can choose between the low, medium and high settings.This is one of the best feature as it allows you to customize your cooking experience to your exact specification.

A unique design incorporates the functions of 9 appliances hence saving you kitchen space in the process. It can accomplish tasks ranging from pressure cooking, yogurt maker and caner to an egg maker. Just a push of a button can just do all these.

To ensure users are kept from harm’s way when steam is being released, an inbuilt pressure release button is added on the lid. It is then safer and quicker to release excessive pressure buildup. Seven other safety mechanisms are built in to achieve the same precautionary measures.


1.Several functionalities
2.Easy to wash
3.Using it is a breeze
4.Relatively affordable
5.High-quality housing and accessories
6.Adequate safety mechanism
7.Detachable cord saves space


1.Breaks down at times
2.Getting the lid off can be a hassle

9. Elite Platinum EPC-807 Maxi Matic 8 Quart Electric Pressure Cooker – Most Automated Cookers

The Elite Platinum EPC-807 Maxi Matic 8 Quart Electric Pressure cooker also one of the best pressure cookers for preparing different meals. There is a function button for rice, vegetables, ribs/pork, beans, fish, poultry, desserts, potatoes, soup, grains etc.

If you want to set the cooking process to start after some time so that you can get back and find a ready meal, simply set the time on the timer. It can delay the timer for about 99 minutes. Once a cooking process is complete, an indicator beep alerts you.


1.Works perfectly
2.Easy and fast cooking
3.Prevents overheating
4.Great cooking presets
5.Retains essential nutrients
6.Elegantly brushed housing
7.Keeps food warm for up to 12 hours
8.Safety assurances


1.Malfunctions after a while
2.Too many functions may be confusing
3.Steam release knob fails on occasions
4.Takes time for pressure to reach cooking levels

10. COSORI Pressure Cooker – Fastest Cooker

The COSORI Electric Pressure cooker is an 8 appliance in 1 product that you can you to choose for your cooking needs.

There are 17 smart programs are available for your favorite meals. Fish, soup, baby food, sweet potato, cake are just a few examples.And the best part about this pressure cooker is the use of ETL approved components that get in contact with the food.

The components are made from 304 stainless steel which is a food grade material. The inner pot and the 3-ply bottom are all made from this material. Once the lid detects pressure inside the cooker, it is kept from opening for protection against steam.

Safety features such as thermal and pressure limiters, pressure guards and electrical monitors are good when you need assurances over your safety.


1.Safety oriented
2.Great versatility
3.Lots of cooking modes
4.Easy to keep clean and operate
5.Great for preparing small meals
6.Comes with two separate tops


1.Food can burn

Electric vs Stove top Pressure Cooker

When it comes to pressure cookers, these two are the main types that you will find. Despite the apparent differences, both use the same working principle which is that of using high pressure steam for cooking.

However, there are some main difference between these 2 given below:

1. Stove top pressure cooker


These are the pioneers of the pressure cookers. The designs have evolved profoundly over the years, with newer, more efficient designs being produced. They require no source of electricity, but rather use a stove or any other secondary heating medium to cook food.

With one of these, you need to constantly monitor it when preparing a meal since it doesn’t come with lots of fancy features.


1.Faster cooking than electric pressure cookers
2.Three options for pressure release: remove from heat source, cold water drip & detach pressure valve knob
3.Usable as a normal cooking pot without the lid
4.Unlimited external source of energy
5.Automatic locking system for the lid as pressure builds up


1.The aluminum types are not durable as the stainless steel ones

In Short:

Stove top pressure cookers are the best when your preference is practicality, durability and versatility. You would want to look for one made from stainless steel as they are the most durable. Their only drawback seems to be the lack of timer and the need for closer monitoring.

If you are an ardent cook, then the minor drawback would not be an issue.

2. Electric pressure cooker

This second type of cookers was introduced to counter for the inefficiencies of the stove top pressure cookers. As the name suggests, they use electricity as the main source of heating medium. Buttons are included on a control panel for performing all the functions.


1.Great for canned/preserved food
2.Automatic pressure and temperature control
3.Various pressure settings for different foods
4.Specific food preset cycles
5.Automated pressure release system
6.Timer for delayed cooking
7.Serves many cooking functions hence saving space
8.Auto warmer features



1.Bulkier than stove tops
2.Cannot be dipped in cold water for pressure release
3.No auto-shut off

In Short:

For those looking for an easier to use and automated pressure cooker, the electric option is the best one. Also, if you have a very busy schedule, the delayed cooking works great for you. Then there are those who do not want to manually fumble with the settings.

The bulkiness is probably the only drawback you would have to worry about. On the other hand, the electrical components that make them bulky also make them safer to use than the stove top pressure cookers.

Things to remember before buying a electric presssure cooker:

1. Safety feature

When using an electric pressure cooker, your safety should be of paramount importance.

2. Material of construction

There are two materials used to make pressure cookers. These are stainless steel and aluminum. These two have different properties and affordability. Aluminum electric pressure cookers are the least expensive of the two although they are less durable too.

Aluminum is a great conductor of heat but tends to stain and warp more in the process of cooling. On the other hand, stainless steel is heavier, distributes heat more and are the most expensive of the two.

For electric pressure cookers, you are better off with a stainless steel product. They are not reactive as aluminum, hence no changes in the food flavors.

3. Pressure cooker capacity

Size matters a lot when choosing an electric pressure cooker. It determines how much food you can prepare at a time. when you have a large family to prepare a meal for, then you would need a pressure cooker larger than 8 quarts and for a small family a small one.

4. Should be dishwasher suitable

If you cannot use a dishwasher to clean it, you would have to spend hours scrubbing the parts once you are done with the cooking. And it is this time that you don’t have in the first place.

5.Heat-resistant handles

Although often ignored, handles are important in ensuring your safety when preparing a meal. You run the risk of suffering burns if the handles become too hot and then you hold onto them. For a user-friendly cooker, insist on a heat-resistant handle.



If you are want to invest in a pressure cooker i hope this guide is quite helpful to you. We keep researching to provide you the information helpful to you in kitchen just saying. Stay tune for more articles.

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