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As we all like to eat delicious food and to make delicious we need to cook it perfectly.
So, here is a question for you do you wish to find a way to make fast, healthy and delicious meals for your family? Then you mast have this one item in your kitchen that will make it possible- a pressure cooker.

So why we use pressure cookers?

Well pressure cooker is a cooking appliance found in every kitchen in the world. it’s a airtight utensil in food can be cooked with stream pressure.
A pressure cooker is far more better then conventional method because it can cook food faster which save time and energy.
On top of that pressure cooker require less water then other cooking method. In other words in can preserve more vitamins and minerals in the food.
pressure cookers are to use, clean and maintain. In short handy.
Since the pressure cooker are airtight, there is no loss of flavor and moisture in evaporation.

Here i am going to help you to choose the best pressure cooker you for your kitchen that will help you make meals for enjoyable.


So let’s start with type of pressure cooker before choosing a pressure the 1st thing you should know is there types. That will help you to fulfill your cooking need.


As the name suggests, an aluminium pressure cookers are the cookers which is made of aluminium. plus they are quite affordable. Aluminium  is very good conductor of heat. So these pressure cookers tend to work very well.


  • Light weight
  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to use and easy to cooking
  • Cooker made of pure aluminium won’t last long
  • Risk of burning food.
  • May change the taste of the food


Stainless steel is one of the sturdy materials and thus the pressure cooker made by using this material are tend to known for their strength. These pressure cookers can take on the high temperature and pressure and thus can be used to make all types of food.
However, the stainless steel cookers are quite expensive but they are totally worth it.These pressure cookers may take more time to cook because they are not that good conductor of heat as aluminium.But you can cook with these pressure cookers on high temperature
with minimum risk of burning food.

  • Can handle the high temperature
  • more durable and long lasting
  • Do not get stained and corroded easily.
  • Expensive
  • Heavier in weight
  • Take more time to cook.


Now before buy a pressure cooker the first and the most important thing that you should pay close attention to is its capacity. The capacity of the pressure cooker can vary according to the family size and thus you should keep your family size in mind when looking for the perfect capacity of the cooker.

You can choose:

1.5L to 3L capacity – for 2 to 4 family members
3.5L to 5L capacity – for 5 to 7 family member
6L or above capacity – for more than 7 family members

So before we starts here are some questions for you:

Are you tired and fed up of eating out every day? Are you looking for a cost effective method to make your meals at your place without make lots of hassle? Well then why not try these best pressure cooker.

A pressure cooker is a wonderful kitchen appliance that can make you cooking more enjoyable and easy. For example you can make rice, vegetables many more dishes with the ease of you place and with the low cost.

Before we starts here are some questions for 4u

Are you fed up and tired eating out every day? Are looking for a cost-effective way to make meals at your place without a lot of hassle? Well then, why not try a pressure cooker.

A pressure cooker is a wonderful kitchen appliance that can make your cooking more enjoyable and easy. For example you can cook rice and vegetables and many other dishes with great ease and at a low cost without lots of hassle. There a question come into your mind  that aren’t pressure cookers too complicated to use and pretty unsafe as its basically a metal box with air in it?

Well of course not, Pressure cookers are extremely easy to use, come with a ton of safety features and most of them work with both gas stove and induction cooktops which make it more safe then other method of cooking. In addition to that cost of the cooker itself which is almost a third of the cost of most microwave ovens and you have an appliance that works even when there’s no electricity. Isn’t that cool.

While there are a lot of differences between pressure cookers, which make confuse most of the people but do not worry i’ll suggest you the best pressure cookers so that you don’t get confuse. The most important is the type of material. Aluminium ones are the most affordable and are used by most households. However, the more modern stainless steel cookers have better corrosion resistance and durability while the hard anodized aluminium cookers cook much faster. But they also cost a bit more. For a full buying guide check out our comparison section for best pressure cookers given below.

If you have use any pressure cooker yet then it’s difficult for you to find which is the best pressure cookers or cooker. SO, we go through the data to analyze over 100+ pressure cookers based on reviews, ratings, materials of construction, and size and had even purchased eight cookers and tested them out ourselves. We went back to update the list and add any need products that caught our eye.

Best Prestige Cooker (Stainless Steel)

Prestige Deluxe Alpha Stainless Steel

Best Pressure Cookers

Out of all stainless steel pressure cookers we had used, the Prestige Deluxe Alpha was truly the shining star (literally, thanks to it’s stainless steel body) due to its build quality, safety features and long warranty. It didn’t just catch our eye but also the customers on Amazon on Flipkart who made it the highest rated stainless steel cooker online.

This pressure cooker comes with a host of safety features, for example a pressure relief whistle valve, a pressure indicator, a gasket release system as a backup in case the safety valve fails, and even a safety plug that will melt if every other safety feature ceases to function as it should. And if think that’s not enough, it also comes with a quite a good warranty period so you’re covered if something breaks unexpectedly.

Now looking specifically at the cookers, the Prestige Deluxe Alpha cooker is made of Stainless Steel material. Which is extremely durable and is corrosion resistant as well but not as fast as hard anodized and stainless steel cookers. If speed isn’t your thing and you want a durable product but do not want to spend on the hard-anodized cookers then the Deluxe Alpha is perfect for you. So it’s safe and durable but is it available in different sizes?

This pressure cooker comes in four different sizes. The options you have are a 2 Litre pressure cooker, 3-litre pressure cooker, 3.3-litre pressure cooker and a 5.5-litre pressure cooker. Since it’s made from stainless steel, it’s resistant to corrosion and very durable. It is available in multiple sizes and is good for families having 2 – 8 members. So you can choose according to size of your family.

Best Pressure Cookers
And since stainless steel cookers are always very heavy, the Prestige Deluxe Alpha comes equipped with an extra grip, which was really nice to have. The cooker was sufficiently fast to cook but a little slow to cool, but it beat the competition with its safety features, ease of use, design and good brand and service backing.

Isn’t it one the best pressure cookers. Don’t you think so.

This pressure cooker is an outstanding purchase if you have the budget since it combines an excellent feature set with durable, corrosion-resistant construction. So that being said, we highly recommend the Prestige Deluxe Alpha stainless steel pressure cooker.

  • Works with induction and gas stoves
  • Outer lid design (easy to use)
  • Gasket release system, pressure indicator, and safety plug (safety)
  • Little bit heavy
  • Expenses compare to aluminum pressure cookers


Best Aluminium & Best Budget Pressure Cooker Pigeon Favorite Aluminum

Best Pressure Cookers

The Pigeon Favorite aluminum pressure cooker is quite popular between the cooking lovers and for good reason. It costs a third of the price of the pressure cooker prestige and Hawkins sell. This is thanks to the aluminium build which makes it exceptionally lightweight and affordable. Sounds good right?

The Pigeon Favorite comes in two sizes (a 3-Litre pressure cooker and 5-litre pressure cooker) and weighs in at 1.44kg. And even though it’s a cheap pressure cooker but sitll one of the best pressure cookers you can count on. On top of that it has every safety feature that the Prestige cooker above has too (minus the pressure indicator). Plus, it cooks very efficiently.

Yes, another handle grip would be helpful but it doesn’t matter as much as other heavier cookers. Although it sounds like nitpicking addition of a pressure indicator would have been even helpful for new users.

Lastly, to top off all that’s good in the Pigeon pressure cooker it comes with 5 years of warranty and support for Induction Cooktops. Being available in multiple sizes it’s good for families having 3-7 members. It’s also relatively inexpensive and are fast when it comes to cooking due to its aluminium build.

  • Induction base support
  • A cheap pressure cooker with a lot of features
  • It has an outer lid, making it very easy to use
  • Includes a gasket release system and a safety plug
  • Good cooking and cooling time (14 minutes in total)


Only 3 and 5 litre size available
It does not include a pressure indicator
No extra grips provided to lift from 2 sides (for 3 litre)
Lid issues with the 2 litre cooker
The handle is attached with a single screw


Best pressure cooker combo offer Pigeon Special Combo Pack 2 L, 3 L, 5 L Pressure Cooker

Best Pressure Cookers

Like the Pigeon Favorite cooker, there is another similar product offered by the company in a combo deal which comes with a 2-litre, 3-litre and a 5-litre cooker. What’s even better is that it boasts of induction cooker support as well as the safety features found in the Pigeon Favorite.

In terms of performance and other factors, it is identical to the Pigeon Favorite cooker as we talked above. However, the company offers three cookers at the price of one means there are a few drawbacks like only two lids despite there being three cookers. While the lids fit the 5 and 3-litre cooker perfectly, there are fit issues with the 2-liter cooker. That combined with its small size makes it more capable as a pan than a proper cooker.

The Pigeon Favorite is a single cooker that’s available in two sizes, while the Pigeon Combo offers three cookers on 2,3 and 5 liters in a bundle at around Rs.1499. So it is up to you to make a pick between a single cooker or a combo of three cookers.

But given the variety and price, we feel the Pigeon Special Combo Pack of 2 L, 3 L and 5 L Pressure Cooker is an excellent choice if you cook multiple cuisines and types of food and find using a single cooker to be difficult.


Great value for three cookers

Induction base support

It has an outer lid, making it very easy to use

It has an outer lid, making it very easy to us


Inserting the whistle is a little hard
It does not include a pressure indicator
No extra grips provided to lift from 2 sides (for 3 litre)
Lid issues with the 2 litre cooker
The handle is attached with a single screw


Buying Guide to the best pressure cookers.

Their are 3 most important parameters we must decide upon before choosing a Pressure Cooker.

While these are the main parameters one must look for, there are a few others also:

Induction support:

With many people ditching the gas stove for the more modern induction cooktop you now have induction base cookware that is designed to work efficiently with the modern cooking appliance. With all brands jumping onto the induction bandwagon having a Prestige, Pigeon or Hawkins induction pressure cooker will be more helpful for people as they can save costs.

Do note that when using with an induction cooker a pressure cooker 5 litres in capacity or a pressure cooker 3 litres in capacity will work fine, a much large 7-litre unit will weigh more than the induction cooker can manage. This is because Induction bases have a certain size & weight limit.


When buying a pressure cooker online it is imperative that you choose a reputed brand. Hawkins, Prestige, Pigeon are some of the popular pressure cooker brands. Apart from pressure cookers, Prestige offers even induction cooker, mixer grinders, electric rice cookers and many other products in the home appliances space. Pigeon too has similar products to offers.

When buying a cooker remember to choose a company with good product design and user experience. A lot of people are used to the Hawkins pressure cookers’ inner lid design, while some prefer the Outer lid style of the Prestige pressure cookers. Choose one that works for you

Service & Warranty:

This is a continuation of the Brand parameter as more established brands have much more service centers & dealers. Same goes with warranty more brands do offer a 5-year warranty relatively new brands may offer less.

Does it support an induction base?
Yes, all of our best picks have a version which supports an induction base.

Is it dishwasher safe?
Yes, the cookers are dishwasher safe.

Are the separators included with the cookers?
No, you have to buy them separately

Final Thoughts

We only recommend you the best pressure cookers we selected above. Which one you buy though will depend on what your specific needs.

The Stainless Steel cooker from Prestige offers the best blend of performance, quality, durability and safety and thus it is undoubtedly our best pick here.

If you’re willing to spend a little more on something that is going to last longer, the hard anodized cookers from Hawkins is the way to go. It does have the same warranty as the Prestige but cooks a little faster.

If, however, you need the best bang for the buck, the Pigeon Combo offer is definitely the way to go.

Please be noted that we’re committed to researching and analyzing the products in-depth to help you make an informed decision regarding the best pressure cookers for your kitchen and need. Stay tuned for more in-depth analysis.

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